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Things You Need To Consider Before Running Your Facebook Ads

Things You Need To Consider Before Running Your Facebook Ads

Here’s what you need to ask yourself before clicking that ‘publish’ button. 

Creating a Facebook ad can sound so simple, yet it actually has so many factors you need to consider in order for it to perform well. What is the point in spending money on an ad that simply won’t give you results? 

To put it simply, we must make sure we’ve got everything covered before we actually request our ad to run. So we have to ask ourselves “Have we got everything we need?”.  It’s like you’re leaving your hotel at the end of your vacation and you go to close the door and ask yourself if you’ve forgotten anything because you leave the room with something behind, it’s gon and you’d have to buy a new item. This works the exact same way with Facebook Ads.

If you don’t set up your ad properly you will spend unnecessary money on an ad that won’t perform the best. Optimising your ad spend to get you the best results is the ideal goal in the Facebook ad world; Paying less for more advertising and that includes making sure you’ve asked yourself the necessary questions and ticked all the boxes in our checklist.  This’ll help you create result-driven ads. 

So… you’ve ticked all the boxes in your checklist and all you need to do now is ‘create ad’. It could be daunting pushing that final button. Will you waste $100 or can you optimise it? How much exposure can you get compared to your competitors? Will your ads be better than your competitors in order to reach more people? 

Here’s what you need to ask yourself before clicking that final button:

  • What is the goal of my ad?
    – Does my creative match that?
    – How’s the balance of text and imagery. Is it appealing?
    – Is it simple to follow and click-through?

  • Does my ad reflect my brand and tone of voice?

  • Would I click on this ad if I saw it on my Newsfeed?

  • Would I purchase something from my website If I saw this ad?

  • Does my ad show a clear ‘call to action’ for customers to do?

  • Have I chosen the correct bidding strategy?

  • Have I optimised my ad delivery?
    – Facebook default is to charge you for impressions. If your goal is to get link clicks then change your bidding strategy to link clicks so that Facebook charges you correctly. (Charge per link click rather than charge per impression)

  • Will my ad benefit from automatic placements?
    Placing an ad on more than just Facebook means more exposure. You can place them on other facebook owned places like Instagram, Gaming apps, Messanger and so forth. Although it may be more exposure, it may result in weak leads as our experience with clicks from gaming apps are purely just people trying to remove the ad. Be wary of this. 

  • Does my Target Audience reflect my customers?

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