What We Do

What We Do

Do you find writing content similar to pulling ideas out of the sky?

We can help you with that.

We write stories, and we make people money.

There’s two sides to social media marketing. There’s the marketing side, which focuses on your branding, and is basically the content that you put out to your audience, to create those relationships. Then there’s the advertising side, the side that we call Facebook Ads. This, my friends, is where you can make your money.

At Pow Wow Media, we believe that both sides are equally important. You can’t tell someone to buy from you if you haven’t established some form of relationship of trust with them previously. You can’t expect someone to click on an ad, or read a blog post, or download an ebook if you don’t have content on your page to support the fact that you know what you’re doing. Likewise, you can’t expect people to buy from you if you haven’t advertised to them the products that you offer.

It makes sense, right?

We believe that in order to get the most out of social media marketing, you need to focus on both aspects. Create those relationships and advertise your products. It’s the best of both worlds.