Q3 Industry Standards Report 2019

Your Q3 Industry Standards Report is Here!

Find out where you stand with your ad campaigns by comparing them to the industry average across all platforms.
Our report will help you measure your success and dig deeper into whether you need to fix some bottlenecks within your campaign or save some successful techniques for next time, depending on your ad performance.

Our key takeaways:

  • Overall, there has been an increase in click-through rates across all platforms.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook have both had decreasing cost-per-click rates while it’s click-through rates increase. This means more bang for your buck.
  • Facebook Audience ‘network placement’ has hit a 2019 record low cost-per-click of $0.42, making it the cheapest we’ve seen this year.
  • Instagram’s cost-per-mille has increased to a 2019 record high of $7.00.
  • Facebook has the highest click-through rate of 1.67%, just above Twitter, with 1.59%


To download the report, click the link below:

Q3 Paid Media Industry Standards 2019

To download the report, click here:

Q3 Paid media Industry Standards 2019

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