6 Persuasion Techniques That Work Wonders in Our Ads. 

21st April 2020

Erika Warne



6 Persuasion Techniques That Work Wonders In Our Ads. 

When it comes to Facebook ads, what is the one thing you struggle with the most?   Ideas? Relevancy? Personalisation? Creating? We’ve honestly heard it all, heck we’ve been there ourselves. It’s taken a lot of time and correction to get to where we are but the good news is that you can get here too! 

We often get asked, how can you sell someone on your brand, name or product without coming across too ”salesy”. I think we can both agree, the clingy creepy person saying “hey, like me, like me, like me” never gets the date, right? So you never want to do this with your content. You can add persuasion into your copy that doesn’t push your audience to buy into what you’re selling, but suggests it as something to consider. There’s many ways you can add persuasion into your content creation but we’ve taken this specific technique professionals use in direct marketing and adapted it to the digital world and it’s worked wonders!


It’s called the FUGIES and it’s an acronym for the best persuasion techniques to get people to buy into what you’re selling. You can easily add them into your content creation without being too…salesy. 


F – Fear of Loss

Quantity Based – Offering a great deal but only having limited spots. Most people
don’t like the thought of losing a spot or a great deal when there aren’t many to
begin with. 


U – Urgency
Time based – Offering a great deal for a limited time. “Offer ends tomorrow” 


G – Greed

People like to save money. Discounts work extremely well when it comes to
getting the sale. 


I – Indifference
Portraying their purchase on the product doesn’t mean the world. It’s ok if they
don’t buy because you have others lined up to take it. This takes off the instant
pressure they get and they feel a little more trusting to your brand. 


E – Effect of Jones
Using the name of someone they know or are connected with to show they
purchased it too. The most common technique is to show that your product
solved their problem and they were happy enough with the outcome that they
bought it so the next person should too. In the digital world, this is commonly
known as influencer marketing. 


S – Suggestion

Offering suggestions on a. How the product could look in their home. B. what
works with the product or c. multiple ways it can be used. This can be seen as
up-selling in the digital world or even offering lead magnets to show how a product
is used. 

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