Basic Social Media Strategy Roadmap

28th April 2020

Erika Warne




Here’s what a basic Social Media Strategy should include:

You’ve probably heard that a baby’s first few steps are a big moment in someone’s life. It’s the beginning of a life full of adventure and excitement. You have to crawl before you walk and then walk before you run. That’s what we consider a strategy to be. The document that gets you from crawling to walking, if not running. See, a social media strategy is separate to your business strategy but it leads the way to the same destination. A roadmap to success. Why? Because without it, you’ll be zig zagging all over the show taking years to get to where you could be in months and simply by creating a strategy. 


We’ve often noticed, not many people know what should typically go into a social media strategy. Well, we’ll lay out a basic one for you. One that has the crucial elements to set you up for social media success. If you’re the type of business owner who likes to wave the flag at the top of the mountain, then this blog post is for you. 


Here’s  what you should include in a basic social media strategy document: 


  1. Goals
    Always, always, ALWAYS add in your social media goals. This helps you measure your success and understand your performance along the way. We often suggest following the S.M.A.R.T goal formula to ensure realistic and efficient results. Another point to add? It’s worth aligning your social media goals with your current business goals. And no they’re not the same!
  2. Target Audience
    Learn everything you can about your audience. Down to what they ate for breakfast. Ok…maybe not that crazy. We mean create your avatars so you can understand what their moves are and cater your online messaging to be relevant to them. You can’t have a one size fits all approach, otherwise no one will connect with your brand.
  3. Research
    Analyse your competition. Who are their audience? What content are they posting? What platforms aren’t they on. This is a great place to find inspiration for your content too as they’re in the same industry. And no, this doesn’t mean plagiarism. It’s finding inspiration and adapting your own take on it. 
  4. Audit
    Conducting a thorough audit on your own channels, if you’re already on social media, helps gain you clarity on what you need to do and where you’re currently going wrong. Figure out what is and isn’t working and why. Find the bottleneck in your content and engagement. Get a full understanding of where you stand in the industry compared to others.
  5. Create a Media Plan
    The swiss army knife for content. A drag and drop document for content ideas. Break down your brand down to 100’s of topics that you can talk about. Making all your content relevant to your avatars. We couldn’t live without this document – It’s that crucial.


Of course, a strategy does have a few more elements added to it but if you really want to get your social media game started, we recommend walking before running and this is exactly how you do it. With a basic social media strategy that leads gives you a roadmap to social media success. 

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