5 Implications When Choosing The Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective

5 Implications When Choosing The Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective

Ads slowing down? Not gaining as much reach? Your engagement has halted or maybe no sales are coming through? We’d be willing to bet that you haven’t truly grasped how important facebook campaign optimisation is just yet. It’s crazy to think that the first decision you make when creating a Facebook advertising campaign could either make or break your ads altogether. We’ve often seen business’ post ads as conversion campaigns  in order to gain brand awareness when in fact traffic or even post-engagement campaigns are the best objective to use. Choosing the wrong campaign objective could have many implications, but we’re just going to list 5 main ones for you today. 

  1. Ad Fatigue

    A social media marketers worst nightmare. Your ads have run their course and now your audience have seen it so often, they’re tired of them. No results. No
    engagement. No brand awareness. First off, people grow immune to your ads and stop noticing them when they appear. Secondly, they stop clicking and all your engaged audiences have already acted which results to our third point. The cost of your ads skyrocketing. Spending more and more money to acquire just someone as a new customer. The best way to predict whether this is happening to you? Ad frequency score.


  2. Lose Control of Ad Frequency

    A facebook campaign metric that reports data and shows you how many times target audiences have seen your ad. Depending on whether you’re targeting a cold audience or retargeting a warm audience, we’d say you’d want to stick to below 2-3 points. Retargeting warm – high audiences allows you to go a little higher but you definitely do not want to go over anything above 6.


  3. Advertising Cost Goes High

    The aim of the game is to get more bang for your buck right? Keeping your advertising costs low and in return gain a high ROI. Something to note is that Facebook ad optimisation doesn’t just start and stop at the campaign level. You can apply it to your bidding methods and campaign budgets in order to bid smarter and achieve higher ROI.  Our advice? Avoid high costs by knowing how to optimise your ad campaigns in the set up process rather than the ad management process. It’ll save so much time and effort.


  4. Reaching Wrong  Target Audiences

    The way you set up your campaign targeting can have a huge effect on your results. The most typical audience targeting people do is by demographic, age, relationship status and interests when in fact that is what affects the campaigns performance the most because it can be so broad. Learn about your prospects interests and create saved audiences. Go further by retargeting with custom and lookalike audiences to really maximise your reach and optimise your spend.


  5. Low Relevance Score

    Split testing your ad campaigns before using conversion campaigns are usually the best way to understand your audience and what’s relevant and/or interesting to them. The relevance score is on a scale of 1 – 10 and shows you how relevant your ad is to your target audience. It is one of the key metrics used to see which ad wins an auction and whose ads will be shown to the audience. Arguably, one of the most important metrics within Ads Manager.


So… what’s the magic potion to avoid these disastrous implications? Campaign optimisation of course. These implications could hurt not only your ads but also your ad account. It’s important to optimise your campaigns correctly in order to reap the benefits of Facebook Ads. 


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