Campaign Objectives: Which One Should I Use?

Campaign Objectives: Which one should I use? 


Onboarding clients allows us to see how most business owners and marketing managers set up their ad campaigns within  Facebook Ads Manager. We commonly see you either running boosted posts or just traffic campaigns. No wonder you need our help! 


This is the first decision you make when creating ads on Facebook, and if not the most important one at that. 


To keep it short and sweet, here are the different campaign objectives, why you should use them and when you should use them. This is totally dependent on what industry your business is, but nonetheless we can start with the basic understanding and work our way up from there. 




This is great for sending traffic to your website but there isn’t any guarantee on how strong the traffic will be and whether they’ll actually convert after the click through. To optimise properly in this campaign, you’ll want to make sure you are getting charged for landing page views. If they’re clicking a particular link within your ad then optimising for link clicks is then your best option. This campaign is great for attracting traffic to your website
but converting them is another topic. 


If you’re wanting to build warm audiences and grow your brand awareness, post-engagement campaigns are your go-to! The aim is to target the people who will most likely engage in your ads (like, comment, share). You can then retarget these audiences with a custom audience later to maximise your ad spend in the future..  It’s good to note that when you typically boost posts, this is the automatic objective that Facebook uses, the only difference is that boosted posts generally just attract an audience that is already following you rather than attracting new audiences. 

Video Views:

Great for targeting both cold and warm audiences to help increase brand awareness. You can also retarget these people with a custom audience later. It’s good to note, that if you have a video, this isn’t the only campaign objective you should use. ‘Conversions’ and ‘lead generation’ objectives have proven great campaign objectives
for videos. 


Facebook optimises to have your audiences start a conversation with your Facebook page. This is great if you want to test out a bot like ManyChat or just have a direct conversation with people. Messenger bots receive a higher % of open rates and clicks compared to emails. 


This is Facebook’s most popular campaign among marketers as it optimises for delivery of new leads or purchases. They’re aimed to increase sales, and registrations or any other desired actions on your website. Only use this campaign if you are sending people to a landing page and you want them to actually DO something after
leaving Facebook. For example: Purchasing, registrations, collecting leads, signing up to emails and so on. 

Product Catalog: 

If you’re in the e-commerce industry then this one’s for you! Product catalog sales are designed to sell a variety of products. The best way to use this campaign objective is to create a retargeting ad marketing to your online store visitors with products they have viewed or added to cart. 

These are the most used ad objectives on Facebook Ads, and personally the ones you should focus on when creating your Facebook Ads. Deciding your Facebook ad objective is crucial to your ad success otherwise it could lead to Ad fatigue, Ad frequency out of control, cost of ads and so forth. 

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