Increasing Your Brand Awareness: Our Best Tips

Increasing Your Brand Awareness: Our Best Tips


The secret to increasing brand awareness? Knowing what your audience is looking for and mastering that art of providing it. We say it’s art because well, not many brands can actually do this correctly so it becomes a piece of art when they actually nail it on the head. Brand awareness is essential to building your business. Yeah, you probably already know this right? Because without brand awareness, how exactly are people supposed to trust your brand, let alone purchase from it? So we’ve gathered a couple notes within our office to provide you with some valuable information that’ll help grow your business and gain more purchases because, well, that’s what you obviously want. You’ve either clicked on our link, intrigued to find out or you’ve genuinely thought to yourself “How do I increase my brand awareness?”. 

So search no more, put down those magical binoculars and read closely because we’ve got the best tips for you. 


  1. Know the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads

    #Funfact Facebook only shows 2% of your audience the content that you post. Yup, organic content is dying and it’s up to how much moola you’re paying Facebook to reach not only the audience that already follows you but other people that have no clue who you are. So to put it simply, if you want your content to reach the audience that you already have, boost your posts. If you want to reach new people then Facebook ads are your best friend. Don’t get us wrong, both techniques raise your brand awareness but one just grows your audience bigger.

  2. Consistency

    We generally ramble about this tip over and over. Is it drilled in yet? NOPE. Consistency is key. There are many versions of the 3 C’s of content strategy but our version is simple…consistency, consistency, consistency. There really is nothing worse than coming across a page that has posted once every day for one week and then ghosted us all for two months or even the pages that post once on a Monday and don’t come back until Tuesday 3 weeks later. Hello??? We’re still here.Long story short, inconsistency cripples content marketing and leaves a bad mark on your brand reputation. It’s essential to your brand to have customer satisfaction and lets just day inconsistency is a one way train to doomsville. If your audience comes to you with an expectation to learn something new or find a brand that’s reliable and you fall short, why would they trust your product and/or service would be any different? Opportunity lost right there, people. Although your aim is to get brand awareness and put your name out there, shouldn’t the reputation that follows it matter too?

  3. Get your content shared

    As they say “sharing is caring”.  There’s several ways to get the golden trophy that is virality but we’ll knuckle down to just a few.a. Providing valuable content not only intrigues your audience but portrays the fact that you’re an
    expert in what you’re doing. Not to say you’re not, because you should be, but teaching your
    audience something they didn’t know about your industry, business or product helps keep them
    engaged and satisfied with your brand. The more valuable content you produce, the more likely it’ll
    be shared by your audience.

    b. Creating a wow factor. When we mean wow, we mean WOW. The blow your socks off and gasp type
    of thing. Blow people’s minds with unique and creative content. A great example of this is body
    painting that looks like an actual animal, until the person moves. The audience doesn’t expect it,
    but when it happens, they’re not only surprised but wow’d by the artwork.

    c. The way to a person’s heart is to make them laugh. Yep…not food but humour. We got you on that one didn’t we. If only we could offer free plates of food on social media, we’d have thousands of followers but the next best thing is making people laugh. Follow the trends, create different memes and find relatable videos that have gone viral. Sharing other people’s [relevant] content on your page is a great way to reach new audiences.

  4. Power of recommendation

    We had to say it. Getting people to talk about you is crucial to brand awareness. Why are you so interesting? Why is your product so good? Why should the whole world know? The best way to skyrocket your brand awareness is to get people talking about your brand. Whether it’s through Influencer Marketing or reviews and testimonials of your product. When people talk, people are influenced. That’s the key.


Brand awareness is the key to business success and when you can convert your followers into paying customers, that’s when you truly find out the power of Content Marketing and how important it is to have an online presence.


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