The 4 V’s to Content Creation

17th March 2020

Erika Warne



The 4 V’s to Content Creation

We all have that specific dream. What if it were as easy as starting a social media account, gaining thousands of followers, posting our products and boom, thousands of purchases later…we become rich.. We become… successful? You know what? It’s possible, but it takes hard work and patience. This is a long term strategy and not an overnight success story. The most common problem we find? You don’t have those thousands of followers yet. Content creation is more than just posting content here and there. It needs thought, strategy and value and today we’re going to show you the four V’s of content creation that you should stick to in order to grow your following and get those purchases you so often dream of. 



  1. Volume
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record (Yes, we can already feel the eye roll coming), value is essential to every post you publish. What does the consumer get out of your post? Is it relatable, educational or give an emotional connection? You need to provide depth in your posts instead of scratching the surface. Produce lots of great content that people want to see everyday. Try get them to turn on the push notifications for when you post. This is the KEY.
  2. Velocity
    The worst thing you could do is post every 2 days and then disappear for 2 weeks at a time. Inconsistent posting leads to three things; low reach, low engagement and loss of interest from your audiences. Produce content on a regular basis. No excuses.
  3. Variety
    You need to set yourself apart from your competition. How? By producing interesting and unique content that creates an emotional connection. Use storytelling and show them a face behind the brand. Capture their attention by surprising them with things they didn’t know. Motivate them with inspiring content. Give your audience a reason to follow you.
  4. Veracity
    Becoming trustworthy is essential to building an audience that is strong rather than weak. This is the difference between a following that converts and a following that ghost. Make sure your content is accurate and truthful. Be sensitive and honest. It can only do good.
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